Calvin Harris calls on more remix stars

With his latest single, I’m Not Alone, doing big things on both the airwaves and in clubs, the anticipation for the sophomore album from Calvin Harris is beginning to mount. Although the album release is still a few months off, we got on the phone to Calvin recently to chat about his reaction to the widespread acclaim for I’m Not Alone, which has proved its universal appeal on both radio and dancefloors. He also gave us a sneak preview of who he has lined up to remix his next single.

The success of I’m Not Alone can be attributed, in many ways, to the rather astute selection of artists to complete remixes, with Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Herve all called upon to turn in their own interpretations. We had wondered if it was a tough call to get each producer to agree to take on the remix, and Calvin was only too happy to let us in on the finer details.

“We put up a list – it tends to be a short list – of people that, in an ideal world, we’d want to remix the singles. Deadmau5 was top of the list for I’m Not Alone, and Herve was second,” Calvin explained. “Tiesto wasn’t actually on the list until he came to us, because I thought he would be unobtainable. But he came to us and said he wanted to remix it. I said ‘great!’, and that one turned out really well.”

If you thought Calvin couldn’t possibly have anything else up his sleeve, think again, as the wheels are already in motion for remixes of his next single. “No one’s turned anything down at the moment,” he continued. ”[For] the next single we’ve got Dave Spoon, Fake Blood and High Contrast, which were the top three on my list again. It’s great, and they’re all great!”

Keep your eyes glued to inthemix for the full interview, coming in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard the Deadmau5 remix of I’m Not Alone you can check it out below: