Aussie bush doof tricks the council into thinking it was just a really big engagement party

Ever wanted to host a bush doof but worried you won’t be able to get the permits passed your local council? No problem: just pretend you’re having a massive engagement party.

It’s an approach that’s been tried and tested by one enterprising festival in Victoria, who almost got away with the little white lie.

Over the weekend, hundreds of punters took over a paddock near Cornella in northern Victoria for a semi-regular bush bash known as Wild Horses, featuring sets from acts like Hypnagog and Psy-Fenn.

The only problem was Wild Horses didn’t obtain the necessary permits to legally host the party — the Campaspe council website states that you need to have a special Public Place of Entertainment permit if your event site is larger than 500 square metres. But according to Hit FM, the festival got around the pesky red tape simply by telling the council the doof was just an engagement party.

Council officers were then called to the festival site on Friday night, where they apparently found around 50 cars parked, tents set up, and loud music blaring. According to Hitthe officers were told it was a “private event” (that’s the engagement party part) and so left the site.

But now the council has admitted that it was hoodwinked, saying they “made a mistake” and will “decide on an appropriate course of action once an investigation is completed.”

Wild Horses has yet to comment — but hey, it looks like everyone had a great time:


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Posted by Wild Horses on Monday, December 11, 2017

Photo via Psymon Photography for Wild Horses Facebook