BT replacing Kaskade at three Big Day Out shows

Due to some “scheduling conflicts”, U.S. house hero Kaskade can now only fit in one weekend of the 2013 Big Day Out tour. The festival has announced the DJ will stay locked in for the first weekend’s stops, Sydney and Gold Coast. In Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, BT will be stepping in to the Boiler Room with his Laptop Symphony show.

“I’m excited to still be able to make it to Big Day Out on the first weekend to play for the incomparable Australian fans,” Kaskade writes. “It’s going to be a great festival to be a part of and I regret that I won’t be able to make it out for the second weekend but feel relieved to know that everyone will be in the very talented and capable hands of BT. It’s going to be two great weekends, no matter what.”

BT, who was last here with the Stereosonic tour, released the Laptop Symphony compilation earlier this year, giving a snapshot of where his sound is at. CD One covers the kind of bass-heavy, festival-sized weapons working wonders Stateside at the moment, while the second disc kicks off with an atmospheric Andrew Bayer effort before continuing down a trance and main-room house route.

“There’s been an explosion of this new music and it’s really divided along age lines,” BT told inthemix. “I’ve noticed that your 30, 35 year olds want to get a babysitter and go to a club with bottle service and the girlfriend wants to put on pretty shoes. They want to listen to trance all night. Then your 18 to 25s, they want you to rip their fucking faces off. They don’t care how you do it. They don’t care if it’s 108-BPM Moombahton or 184-BPM drumstep; they just want pure energy. They want to absolutely cut loose.”