Brisbane DJ punches Deadmau5

Having made good on the hype of his LED live show with five big dates on the just-wrapped Creamfields festival tour – check the photos – and a trip down to Canberra for Warehouse, it would seem as though Deadmau5 has ended his 2011 Australian tour on a slightly sour note, with the Canadian star involved in some fisticuffs with a DJ in Brisbane.

While there’s not yet been an official explanation of the incident, according to Deadmau5’s twitter feed the rodent-crowned producer was punched in the head by a local DJ at the Creamfields after-party at Birdee Num Num in Brisbane last night after Deadmau5 issued some complaints about the music on offer.

“well the openoing “dj” at the club decided to have a go at me. So fuck him and fuck that club. I left,” Deadmau5 tweeted early in the night. “opening DJ came at me later in the night and decided to punch me in the back of the head.”

While Deadmau5 went on to write that the incident hadn’t impacted on what he described as an ‘absolutely amazing’ Australian tour, the story has quickly done the Twitter rounds with members of the local dance community wondering who the attacking DJ was and his side of the story. While we’re yet to find that information out, a little more light has been shed on the altercation through another Queensland DJ Sampology who is apparently mates with the mystery mau5-hater.

“Just found out a DJ mate of mine punched Deadmouse in the head at the Creamfields afterparty in Briz,” Sampology wrote. “apparently my mate was DJing and DM was harassing him for his tune selection and got up in his space so he dropped him.”

ITM contacted representatives from Birdee Num Num nightclub for a statement on the scuffle however at the time of publishing they have declined to comment.