Boys Noize: New stage show, new album, new beer

So far, 2012 has been the year of the ridiculously large stage setup. We’ve seen Skrillex launch his Spaceship, Avicii debut his (not-so-successful) mask and Infected Mushroom do their sets from two giant balls. Now, it’s time for another inductee to the hall high production stakes fame: Boys Noize.

The German techno whiz has announced that his next tour will see him debut a new live stage production, which – according to – will present him “perfectly framed in a terminatoresque stage featuring ‘The Skull’, accompanied by brute visuals and storming lights”. That’s right, “terminatoresque”.

But before ‘The Skull’ is unveiled in Europe later this year, it looks like we’ll be getting the new Boys Noize album. Ridha posted on his Facebook earlier this week that his third album is “98.9% finished” and the official word is we’ll be seeing the follow-up to 2009’s Power sometime this October.

And just to cap it all off, Ridha’s announced he’s got one more iron in the fire: his own beer. The producer has put his name to a limited edition “Boys Noize Techno Beer” for German brewery Becks, posting a photo of the creation to his Facebook. According to the Becks website (and a hazy Google German-to-English translation), the beer’s label designed by Ridha “reflects the comeback of acid house and the smiley as the symbol of the movement that can definitely be called a primordial soup of dancing the night”. Questionable translations aside, it’s a cool concept. Now, let’s just keep those fingers crossed for an Australian tour.