Boys Noize loves if you hate Handbraekes

When Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo announced they were teaming up for a new project called Handbraekes, it seemed fair to go ahead and assume that the product of their union would be pretty great. But when the four-track EP #1 hit the net last month, the comments section of our story painted a different picture. With crazybowers reasoning, “Yeah their styles don’t mesh at all, despite both of them being amazing producers in their own right. The Qat actually made me laugh it was so bad”, through Miza101’s astute ” The Qat sounds like someone farting into a trumpet”, lawlietskyy’s observation that the work was “unbelievably shithouse” to addz’s simple “ummm no”, the verdict was clear. What’s more, it seems much of the internet felt much the same about the EP.

So how did the backlash make Boys Noize’s Alex Ridha feel? Apparently, pretty good. “A lot of fans of mine get so upset with the music. They just hate it so much!” He told I Like Music, “I love it when I see that reaction, because for me it’s the most fun to fuck people off with my music.” The producer continued, “That’s how I started off in the first place. I had a lot of people who were really not into it, and a lot of people who were really into it. For me that’s always really fun to see. I saw so many funny comments about people hating the stuff [laughs]!”

Ridha also explained that the tracks on the EP only took “a couple of hours”, and that he and Mr. Oizo never met in real life to work on the songs, instead doing everything over the internet. “We have a lot of fun with it and don’t take things too serious,” he said. “A lot of people take their music too serious.” So, yes: we’ve all been trolled.