Boys Noize is working with Snoop Dogg

That Boys Noize knows how to keep himself occupied. In between all his label duties and non-stop touring, he’s found time to help out a couple of acts who happen to both be making their way to Australia for the Summadayze tour. First up was the Scissor Sisters, with frontman Jake Shears gushing to inthemix that Alex Ridha “has been something of a “hard techno mentor. Next up on Ridha’s radar: none other than hip hop heavy Snoop Dogg.

If you’re not following Snoop’s Twitter, you might’ve missed the surprising announcement: “its official.. workn with @boysnoize on some game changing ishh. U HEAR ME!!” Apart from that, there isn’t much to go on, but we do know that Boys Noize is capable of magic – perhaps more magic than Ian Carey or David Guetta could summon in their Snoop collabs, anyway.

If you’re going to be front and centre sipping on gin and juice at Summadayze, Summafieldayze or Shore Thing, keep an ear out for some “game changing ishh” with a Boys Noize bent. You might get an idea of what to expect from this alliance by revisiting Ridha’s remix of Sensual Seduction below.