Boys Noize and Mr Oizo form new project

Here’s a collaboration worth wetting yourself over! Producer-extraordinaires Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo have announced that they’ve teamed up for a new project, called Handbraekes.

Alex Rhida (the man behind Boys Noize) told Mixmag that he and Oizo have an EP set for release on January 23, titled #1.

The EP, which is being released on Boys Noize Records (sorry, Ed Banger) contains four tracks: Callgirls, Riho, The Qat and Milc. Annie Mac played one of the songs from the EP on her Radio 1 show a couple of months back, but other than that, the material is all brand spanking new.

With the much-hyped Boys Noize remixes album having just dropped and Mr. Oizo fresh from killer appearances at Stereosonic, this news tops off a damn good week for European electro!