Um, is this Salt Bae partying on a Boiler Room stream?

It might have a rep as a serious dance music institution, but the minds behind Boiler Room still know how to have fun.

Case in point? BRTV have unearthed footage of a man who looks very similar to Nusret Gökçe – the Turkish chef who went viral as “Salt Bae” earlier this year – cutting shapes in the crowd during one of their parties.

The footage appears to come from a Maya Jane Coles Boiler Room set filmed last month in Moscow, in which the Londoner went dark with an hour-long set of “nothing but techno”. Catch MJC behind the decks on the BRTV YouTube channel.

We’ll let you decide whether it’s Salt Bae himself, or just a very convincing doppelgänger, below.