Bloody Beetroots want you…

Been hanging out to hear the new Bloody Beetroots single? Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s got his next track, Chronicles of a Fallen Love, ready and waiting to go – but he’s not delivering it just yet. Before Rifo unveils the official Bloody Beetroots release, the man-behind-the-mask wants to hear your take on it. In a very internet-era experiment, the Big Day Out-bound producer is releasing the sheet music to his latest track and asking fans to submit their own interpretation of the song.

If you fancy your production skills and want the Italian to hear your take on Chronicles of a Fallen Love, the brief is to upload your take on the track to YouTube with the full title and hashtag #COAFL. “The composition of the song was so natural that it would be a shame not to share its full meaning with the fans,” Rifo explained to the Huffington Post. “By playing a song, you can make it your own,” the tracks vocal collaborator Greta Savo Bech added. “There is an artistic license for people to mould what they read to fit into their own ears. I don’t think it matters that every part of the song is captured in sheet music.”

It may be a tad reminiscent of when Harvest headliner Beck announced he is only releasing his latest album Song Reader as sheet music, but Rifo’s quick to credit his inspiration. “I think that was a fantastic decision from Beck,” Rifo said. “As musicians, we all have the responsibility to really provide the true meaning of the music.”

Those keen to offer up their “true meaning of the music” can find the sheet music over here. But if it’s all a bit much for your liking, the official Bloody Beetroots version of Chronicles of a Fallen Love will be released on October 23.