Berlin Festival shut down for fear of Love Parade repeat

Evidently still wary of the dark shadow cast on outdoor European festivals after the disaster at Love Parade this year, this weekend’s Berlin Festival was shut down early by organisers due to over-crowding concerns.

The sold-out festival kicked off on in style on Friday at Tempelhof Airport boasting an impressive lineup of international acts from all corners of the dance music community including Hot Chip, Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Robyn and Tricky. However, the festival took a dangerous turn in the early hours of Saturday morning according to the event organisers who released a message explaining the rationale behind closing the festival early.

“Unfortunately, after a 12-hour stage programme, the situation changed at around 2.30am in front of the pass gates at Hangar-4 stage when a large number of festival goers backed up in front of it,” the statement read. “The festival had to be discontinued early. Before two main DJ acts – Fatboy Slim and 2manydjs – could conquer the stage, we had to get the audience off the festival grounds, a decision that was made in accordance with the police.”

While there has been some praise from patrons caught in the swelling crowd for the decision to close the Berlin Festival at 11PM on the Saturday night – as opposed to the scheduled 5AM Sunday finale – many others have reacted angrily to the festival’s curtailing with a disgruntled group appearing on Facebook under the creative title of Fuck Berlin Festival Management.

Some scenes from the festival’s first day can be seen below.