Berghain is opening a third dancefloor for “experimental” sounds

Berlin’s famed techno temple Berghain is expanding, with the club set to open a third dancefloor in March.

As reported by Thump (and picked up by FACT Mag), Berghain is opening a new level that will reportedly focus on “experimental” electronic sounds – setting it apart from the main floor which favours techno, and the house-focussed Panorama Bar upstairs.

The new dancefloor – called Säule, which translates to Pillar in English – opens on March 23 with a line-up that includes Mannequin Records head Alessandro Adriani, Deena Abdelwahed and Natalia Escobar. That’s all we know about the space for now, but the Berlin-bound can keep an eye on Berghain’s listing page for future Säule line-ups.

Punters wondering whether they’d make it into Europe’s most notorious club can try their luck with this virtual simulator, which mimics the door at Berghain, sizes you up and delivers the verdict on whether or not you’re getting in. Or you could heed bouncer Sven Marquardt’s advice: “Don’t be afraid. People who are afraid usually aren’t very good at partying.”