Behold 90s Boiler Room, the funniest thing you’ll see all week

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, Boiler Room has had all the videos taken down from YouTube. Better luck next time.

Bravo, 90s Boiler Room, you’ve just won the internet. The jokesters behind this week-old YouTube channel have taken a simple concept and turned it into your new favourite meme, in which the soundtracks of sweaty peak-time Boiler Room sessions are revealed to be the biggest, cheesiest pop hits of the ‘90s.

Rock gods got their parody with the shredding meme, and now you can indulge in the simple brilliance of watching Steve Bug losing his shit to Enrique Iglesias, Richie Hawtin rocking out to Barbie Girl and Sven Ví┬Ąth fist-pumping to Backstreet Boys. Just wait for the drop. Scroll down to watch the videos in chronological order…and for more BRTV-related laughs, catch up with the Nine Things You’ll Probably See on a Boiler Room Stream.

[H/T Beatport]