Beckers: Rainbow Serpent beats them all

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Rainbow Serpent Festival acolyte, the name Beckers will mean a lot. Together with his production offsider D-Nox, the German DJ-producer has become something of a fixture at the four-day gathering in the Victorian bush. This January, he’s coming by himself to get deep and hypnotic on the final day, so we caught up for a quick chat ahead of “the best festival in the world”.

First up, can you tell us a bit about the My Way and Distance Remixes compilations you and D-Nox released last year?

So, these were two different stories. We had the idea with Tronic to release a remix collection of our Distance album from the beginning. So D-Nox, me and Christian Smith who’s running the label started looking for remixers right after the album release. I think Tronic did a good job to really get those people on board. The second part of the Distance Remixes just came out these days.

My Way was the first compilation on Sprout that got released after a little period of silence. Some people that were working for sprout messed up some stuff, so that there had to be a break. Then Chris got in contact with Jan from Plantage (who’s mainly working for Stephan Bodzin’s and Oliver Huntemann’s labels) who is now responsible for the label management. Chris and I collected some tracks during this break time, so we decided to start things of again with this compilation.

With all your touring in 2011, what stood out as some of the best shows you played?

My favourites were Gare Club in Porto, Pratesauna in Vienna and Ageha in Tokyo. Good clubs with great people, who know about music.

You and D-Nox must have a very close understanding of how the other guy works. Do you feel like you both bring different approaches and influences to the partnership?

Yeah of course, we’re both pretty different. I’m more the studio nerdy kind of guy and Chris is more kind of a lifetime DJ who’s more in contact with the outside world.

When you’re DJing without D-Nox, do you think the feel of your sets is different?

I always like to go a little more groovy and house-y, while Chris has always been a real DJ. When I play alone and the crowd is open-minded I can much go on my really private journey.

We really enjoyed the mix you uploaded to Soundcloud back in October. It was very house! What kind of sounds and producers are exciting you most at the moment?

Nowadays, I like this kind of trippy, driving house music of producers like Mendo or Collective Machine. Also Eric Estornel aka Maetrik and Maceo Plex is one of the outstanding producers these days.

Do you have any solo productions coming up – and if so, how would you describe their sound?

There some tracks in the oven that are pretty slow and house-y together with some strange vocals. I have also another house project with Sandrino from Berlin going on, that is very deep and around 120-BPM.

One of our reviewers once wrote: “The name D-Nox & Beckers is synonymous with outdoor techno in Australia.” Do you feel there’s that connection too?

I think most of the times we played in Australia and especially on RBS we were playing on Sunday on the mainstage and that was always the time for some more blasting and kicking techno. Now I’m actually really happy to play on Monday, because there’s more this kind of ‘I can play whatever I really want’ atmosphere.

Given the year’s just getting started, what are some of the things you want to achieve in 2012?

I’m never really planning anything too far in the future, or putting goals for 2012. I wanna simply stay happy with my family here and keep the music machine rolling without losing fun.

You’ve of course had experience playing Rainbow Serpent. What are you looking forward to trying out this time?

I still can say Rainbow Serpent is kind of the best festival in the world and that’s mainly because of the good vibe of the people and you always get surprises in the music. Last time I was there, I got my first dubstep experience and it was completely crazy, because I had never heard this kind of music before. I love getting surprised. So I will try to get a little bit of unexpected in my set too. Let’s see. I’m excited and really looking forward to it.