Bag Raiders take us back to “where it all began” with 2005 mix

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you’re an artist with a milestone to celebrate in 2014, you better have some free music ready to giveaway. Dance names around the world are marking their big moments with free downloads this year, and we’re not complaining…especially not when Bag Raiders are involved.

This morning, the homegrown legends hit 100,000 Facebook fans and to mark the occasion, they’re giving away a very special piece of Australian dance music history.

From way, way back in 2005, Bag Raiders have unearthed their first ever mix. “Before our first tracks, our first remixes, anything, there was this; our first ever DJ mix,” they posted on Facebook. “With our good friend Gus [Da Hoodrat], now known as Dreems, this mix was conceived, created and pressed to about 150 CDs with “Bag Raiderzzzzzzz” on it.” Talk about a collectors item.

Hit play below and you’ll be taken all the way down memory lane, with the guys working through everything from Billy Squier’s Lonely Is The Night to Outkast, Cream and Annie’s 2004 anthem Chewing Gum in the space of the 70-minute mix. Don’t forget to download it too.