This Australian wants to be the first person to DJ in outer space

Usually, you can find rising dance name Beyond Tha Noize DJing at clubs like Villa and Metropolis in his home state of WA. But in 2017, selector Richard Sacilotto wants to take his music career to new heights – specifically, all the way to outer space.

Beyond Tha Noize has announced he wants to be the first person to ever DJ in space, and plans to live stream his set down to earth. As you’d expect, making that dream a reality won’t come cheap – Sacilotto says it will cost $343,700 for him to take a flight on commercial spaceline the Virgin Galactic, a sum he intends to raise via crowd funding. With the total donations on his GoFundMe page currently standing at just over a thousand bucks, Richard could use all the help he can get.

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“This idea has been floating around for years and now it’s the time to take action and with your help we are going to make this become reality,” Sacilotto explained. “When you look at the power of the Internet and the size of the population of the world we live in today with everyone’s contribution we can all hit this [$343,700] target.”

But Sacilotto isn’t the first DJ to flirt with the idea of going intergalactic. Back in 2011 Armin van Buuren announced he’d been selected by ‘space tourism’ company SXC to be one of 100 Founder Astronauts, who’d be put through a special training program before eventually taking to the skies. But Armin’s space dreams don’t seem to have come to fruition yet – his last official update about the pending trip was in 2013.

Believers can donate to Richard’s cause via GoFundMe.

Katie Cunningham the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.