Australian DJ’s smackdown of “whinging yuppies” who hate clubs goes viral

For as long as there’s been live music venues, there have been neighbours complaining about them.

Usually the story goes like this: a club exists happily for years, only for people moving into the area to complain about noise and manoeuvre to have the venue that was part of the neighbourhood long before them shut down.

Just ask Perth nightspot Jack Rabbit Slims. As picked up by Thump, last week a note was found pinned to a notice board of an apartment block close to the Aberdeen Street venue, encouraging residents to ring the local council and make complaints about the “excessive noise” coming from the club.

A picture of the note circulated on social media, where it quickly received a stinging rebuke from local DJ Timbee, who in a lengthy Facebook post blasted the entitled culture that drives people to complain about noise from venues.

“Do you know what grinds my gears like almost nothing else? People who move into a nightclub district and then seek to start active campaigns against the venues around them,” he writes.

Timbee goes on to point out that the club has been in the neighbourhood for two decades, and that the area is a well known nightclub district. In his words, the people complaining “seek to actively target and destroy a community which was there long before these whinging yuppies took up residence in a completely inappropriate location.”

His post quickly went viral – even  Perth City Councillor Reece Harley got involved, commenting “If you’re seeking peace and quiet don’t move next door to a nightclub. Period.”

Read Timbee’s full post below.

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