There’s finally a party dedicated to playing 100% Justin Bieber

Beliebers of Australia, the time has come. The UK’s Justin Bieber Appreciation Society – a touring club night dedicated to playing all Bieber, all the time – is launching its first ever party in Australia, taking over Sydney’s Plan B Small Club (FKA Goodgod) next Saturday 26 March.

The party’s promising “two rooms, six DJs and three dancers, all celebrating the perfectly toned swag lord that is Justin Bieber,” and if you’re worried there aren’t enough “Bieber bangers” to last all night, they reckon they’ll “probably move onto the likes of The Weeknd, Ginuwine, Usher, R. Kelly, Craig David… then go back to Bieber.”

Naturally, the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society (JBAS) has recruited as the evening’s host Australia’s number one Belieber, DJ Levins, in honour of the time he infamously “made a few rockdogs from Geelong mad” last year by playing Bieber at indie Mecca, Meredith Music Festival.

They’re promising “the most fun you’ll ever have on a night out.  Ever.” And you can find out more info at the Facebook event page (tickets are on sale soon at the Plan B website). Before that all goes down next weekend, warm up with Skrillex and Bieber’s all-time anthem Sorry below.