Artists, this is your guide to the best of EMC

Brought to you by Jack Daniels

Brought to you by Jack Daniel's #JDFutureLegends

This time next week, the 2014 Electronic Music Conference will be in full swing, taking over Sydney’s Kings Cross with panels by day and parties by night at EMC Play. EMC attracts all types – industry bigwigs, international DJs and dance music’s most passionate fans, to name a few – but if you’re an artist, this year’s conference really has you sorted.

Maybe you’re an emerging bedroom producer looking to gain some practical knowledge, make some valuable contacts, or just meet up with like-minded musicians. Maybe you’re an established artist looking to catch up with old friends, meet some new ones and pick up some new ideas and perspectives. Either way, here are our six picks for the EMC events you can’t afford to miss.

Porter Robinson: Changing the Game

Moderator: Nick Thayer

From his early days as a bedroom producer at home in North Carolina to his current status as a festival headliner, Porter Robinson has always done things his way. This year, he left “music for DJs” behind and delivered a very different debut album, adored by fans and critics alike. In this one-on-one conversation, we talk to Porter about the best and worst of electronic culture, where the scene is headed and why he feels “anxiety about EDM is spiking.”

Place: EMC Keynote Theatre, Eternity Playhouse

Time: 10:50am on December 3

Masterclasses: The Anatomy of a Hit

Moderated by: Tom Piper

Sit down with four certified hitmakers as they walk us through the step by step processes they undertook in making their big hits. If you’re an emerging producer, this is one session you don’t want to miss.

The Aston Shuffle

Sit down with hitmaking gurus the Aston Shuffle as they demonstrate step-by-step how they made one of last summer’s biggest hits, Tear It Down.

Place: EMC Masterclass Theatre @ The Standard Bowl

Time: 1.30pm on December 3

Nicky Night Time

Nicky Night Time (who you may have previously known as Nicky Van She) will reveal the magic behind his ARIA club chart topping, Ibiza dominating feelgood house anthem Everybody Together.

Place: EMC Masterclass Theatre @ The Standard Bowl

Time: 2.20pm on December 3


Canberra’s rising stars SAFIA will deconstruct the creation of their beautiful classic Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues before the the audience.

Place: EMC Masterclass Theatre @ The Standard Bowl

Time: 3.10pm on December 4

Panel: What a manager can – and can’t – do for you

Are you an artist considering getting a manager? Come and hear from a diverse range of artist managers as they lay out all the different styles and models of management deals, and when’s the right (or wrong!) time to sign.


Olga Heijns: Unmanageable Artists / Artist Manager, Laidback Luke

Andrew Jackson: Milton Archer / Artist Manager, Hook n Sling, The Aston Shuffle

Briese Abbott: Spark & Opus / Artist Manager, Elizabeth Rose

Aden Mullens: Crown Right Management, Artist Manager, Kilter, Acaddamy

Dominic Furber: Audiopaxx / Artist Manager, Just a Gent, Yahtzel, Carmada, LDRU

Luke Udorovic: Lucky Entetainment / Artist Manager, Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Zac Waters

Kite String Tangle: Artist

Moderator: Yvette Myhil – Executive Director, Association of Artist Managers

Time: 1.30pm on December 4

Place: EMC Forum, The Beresford Upstairs

Ghostwriting: The How, When and Why?

We’ve gathered some of Australia’s most talented songwriters and engineers to chew over the issue of ghostwriting: When and why you’d want to sell your music to another artist (or buy another artist’s work), the benefits and challenges, and how to go about it.


Sam La More

Sameer Sengupta

Ivan Gough


Time: 11.40am on December 3

Place: EMC Masterclass Theatre, The Standard Bowl

From zero to hero: Sustaining the buzz

Australia’s pool of emerging talent is huge and in 2014, it doesn’t take long to go from bedroom producer to worldwide star. But even when the buzz is big, some artists grow while others disappear as quickly as they arrived. How can an artist caught in that hype build – and sustain – a meaningful long-term career?


Simon Coyle – Touring Manager, Totem Onelove

Al Green – Director, Maker Agency

Tom Huggett – Artist Manager, Astral People (Wave Racer)

Just A Gent – Artist

Will Larnach-Jones – Parallel Management

Kerian Dole – Senior Agent, Lucky Entertainment

Moderator: Dan Zilber, FBi/Head of Programming, EMC Play

Time: 2.20pm on December 3

Place: EMC Keynote Theatre, Eternity Playhouse

Say it right: How to build an income from songwriting for dance music

Now more than ever, songwriting plays a critical part in dance music. Who writes the hook? The melodies? The lyrics? How do you earn an income from this, and how do you determine who gets what slice of the songwriting pie? When is the right (or wrong) time to sign your publishing rights? Find out from some of the top songwriters in the business.


Simon Moor – Managing Director, Kobalt Music Group

Alexander Burnett – Songwriter (Motez ‘Own Up’; Digitalism ‘2 Hearts’; Flight Facilities’ ‘I Didn’t Believe’; George Maple ‘Talk Talk’)

Paul Brandoli – Writer, Vocal Producer, Producer (The Disco Fries ‘Parachutes’; Angger Dimas ‘Angger Management’; Kronic ‘Fire In The Sky’; Chardy ‘Tomorrow’)

Amba Shepherd – EDM Vocalist & Songwriter (Features for Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Ferry Corsten)

Moderator: Frank Rodi, Deputy Director Writer Services at APRA

Place: EMC Forum, The Beresford Upstairs

Time: 11.40 am on December 3

Electronic Music Conference 2014

December 2 – 4 @ Kings Cross precint, Sydney