Armin van Buuren announces ASOT 600 tour dates

There’s never much downtime in the world of Armin van Buuren, and next on the superstar DJ’s agenda is the A State Of Trance 600 tour. The barracking began early from cities wanting to host a leg of the tour, with the most support behind campaigns coming from the Baltic States, Buenos Aires, Beirut and Australia in the #4 spot. After much speculation from all corners of the globe, Armin has now announced his destinations live from Amsterdam Dance Event.

While Australia hasn’t made this round, there’s a silver lining: the ASOT 600 juggernaut is set to touch down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – close enough to us for diehard fans to consider a plane ticket. What’s more, ASOT 600 is taking over one day at the weekend-long Malaysian leg of Future Music Festival, so stay tuned for details of travel packages and special deals for those holding FMF tickets in Australia. Armin’s spectacular will do Friday night, while The Prodigy and the rest of the line-up steps up on Saturday. The rest of the cities on the ASOT 600 itinerary are Beirut, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, New York City and Den Bosch.

Speaking to inthemix earlier this year, Armin mentioned the campaiging was “getting really ridiculous already”. He also didn’t want to get our hopes up for a swift return after A State Of Trance 500 came to Sydney in 2011. “I am a firm believer in not over-exposing myself,” he said. “I will do less A State Of Trance gigs next year. I’ll tell you why: I think it’s essential that I actually do what I talk about. I always say I want to promote new talent, and with ASOT I am doing that. It’s essential that I reach crowds all over the world and get them to join a global trance family. I want to try new territories every year.”


Mexico City – February 16th 2013

Sao Paulo – March 1st 2013

Beirut – March 9th 2013

Kuala Lumpur – March 15th 2013 [Presented by Future Music Festival]

New York – March 30th 2013

Den Bosch – April 6th 2013