Arcadia Festival warns they have a “zero tolerance approach” to fence jumpers

Arcadia Festival has warned punters against fence jumping at their event in Perth this weekend, saying they are taking a “zero tolerance approach” to the offence.

Following a string of high profile incidents at Perth festivals over the years, promoters have issued a statement saying that are increasing police presence and trialling new methods to deter people from jumping the fence.

“Ramifications brought on by increased fence jumping incidents at West Australian events and music festivals has resulted in an urgent need for amplified police presence and a long term goal to change legislation that will create harsher penalties for perpetrators, resulting in large fines and even jail time,” the statement reads.

“[Arcadia promoters] The Event Agency will proactively increase fence-jumping barriers at Arcadia Australia to prevent this criminal activity and will call upon a strong police and security presence to deter antisocial behaviour.”

On top of the increased police and security presence, Arcadia are also erecting a two-storey high shipping container wall along The Esplanade Road. They will also be trialling a non-drying lubricant ink along the double fence lines, which apart from making the surface slippery, will also temporarily stain hands and clothes for up to three weeks – so offenders can easily be identified.

The Event Agency Managing Director Nikki Graski cited patron and public safety as two of the main reasons why fence jumping won’t be tolerated.

“Fence jumpers display aggressive criminal behaviours, are disruptive and inconsiderate to everyone who has bought a ticket,” Graski says. “Attitudes towards staff have become disrespectful and dangerous and over time it will also increasingly harm Perth’s reputation, as a place to hold major outdoor events and that will affect the vibrancy of our entertainment scene.”

“I would encourage all West Australians to consider what this unsafe behaviour means for the future of events in Western Australia. If it continues it will deter event promoters and the incredible events in this state will cease.” Perth, consider yourself warned.


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