Aphex Twin’s absolutely mental Field Day set is now online

On the weekend, dance legend Aphex Twin made his UK comeback at London’s Field Day festival. It was Richard D. James’ first UK show in five years, and luckily for us at home the producer decided to live stream the entire set — which has now landed online.

In typical James fashion, the two-hour stream is as far from regular as you could get. Warped visuals and bizarre computer-generated text flies over the split-screen live footage — at one stage in the feed James’ face is even creepily plastered on members of the audience. Watch the stream in full below.

Following his set, a mysterious timer appeared on the Warp Records homepage,¬†apparently counting down to a date next month. There’s been no word whether it’s a new track or – dare we say it – a new album, but there’s definitely something¬†in the pipeline.