Another take on Tomorrowland

Where do you begin to talk about something like Tomorrowland? It is something that many of us have heard about, (48 Million views of the 2011 after movie don’t lie) but few have actually been able to witness what all the fuss is about.

Dutch production team ID&T has been setting the bar higher each year, while seemingly blowing away expectations of what to expect from a festival. Was it the “movie trailer effect” with the best parts shown from the overall performance? Or was the festival ready to live up to its name as the best in the world? This was the year I would find out.


During the long transit towards the festival there was excitement in the air for everyone. Every little town that popped up during the journey had each soon-to-be festival attendee trying to determine if this was the stop that would take them to the place that they had dreamed about for so long. When the first sight of the mammoth stage came into view, it was clear… I’m not in Perth anymore.

The vibe of the crowd was one of the most varied and multicultural I had ever felt at a festival, and all seemed to be in awesome spirits. Actually, I don’t know how anyone could have not been, considering the atmosphere.

Walking down the aguishly long path, the first signs of the scenery began to take shape. The fairytale scene was well executed, with little pieces of detail you would never see anywhere else. Costumed performers, Tomorrowland logos planted into the ground with flowers, and absolutely anything else you could think of had turned the generally normal looking park into… well, a magical place.

First off was the immaculately designed mainstage, where the majority of the after movie was filmed. This was an absolute marvel to behold, with even more detail then I thought possible. The theme of mythical books was given a twist with “Beauty and The Beast” replaced with “Beauty and The Beat”. Cheeky. There were costumed performers, water fountains, and little balconies that would sprout a dancing minion from time to time. It literally took at least 30 minutes to just take in the scenery, as it made every previously encountered event look like a high school production.

First off for the day was Berlin based Thomas Gold, with a trance influenced, but house-based set. The crowd was already starting to form for the influx of talent on the night and the crowd-pleasing sounds warmed up for something that even I didn’t expect.

As the booming voice announced to me that the party was now starting (in slightly more gentlemanly terms), the masses awaited the opening of the gigantic closed book, which revealed yet another monster screen containing the artists name and a virtual (and somewhat creepy) face, introducing us to the one and only Alesso.

Boy this dude was made to play at this festival. When the fast rising star took the stage, he started off strong, letting the crowd know that he was there to back up the literature. Fusing a trance, house, and electro set, the mass was swaying and jumping to the boy wonder. At the peak of his performance, his remix of fellow Tomorrowland artist Swedish House Mafia’s Save The World was dropped, bringing the already ridiculous crowd to frenzy.

After a short break, a trip back to the mainstage was in order. Man of the moment Avicii was up next. Anything stated about the stage during the day; how amazing it was, how much detail was put in… everything. Imagine that ten times better at night. The sun was down, the lasers and the lights came on, and it was on.

House was the name of the game, and the man delivered it with style. Everything flowed so well, and the set was so well constructed, especially given the size and epic nature of the venue. I was more than impressed. When the end came, and the inevitable track Levels blasted the grounds (with a grand fireworks display for good measure). It was pretty obvious that everyone within a 10 kilometre radius was going crazy… and I was definitely one of them. After a quick exit, it was hard to imagine that this was only day 1. Bring it on.

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