Another Daft Punk single, another great funk track ripped off

Earlier in the week, Daft Punk’s new single “Robot Rock” was available for purchase on the itunes website. Initially creating much hype and excitement, fans were recently disappointed to learn that the French boys did little more than add the lyric “Robot Rock” to an existing track done in 1978 by “Breakwater” titled “Release the Beast”.

Daft Punk’s latest long player comes 4 years after “Discovery”. Asked about the first track, and best selling hit from the album, Thomas Bangalter reportedly commented that “One More Time”, contained no samples. Again in a recent finding on Daft Punk fan based forum, “Daft Crew”, ‘One more time’ was found to have indeed been completely based on a sample.

While house music’s staple has been sampling, digging and resourcefully using the legacy of the 70’s and 80’s, casual listeners and clubbers alike have come to question the legitimacy of such activities. Just how much creativity is required in the sampling process? Some say that tracks like Robot Rock demonstrate a certain arrogance and disrespect for the recording world, one can only hope they will credit Breakwater on their album sleeve. However this provides little consolation for fans expecting something original from the Parisian duo.

Leaked advance press copies of the album have caused very little elation and much anger. Daft Punk and their label Virgin were unavailable for comment.