Andy C: The Ten Records That Never Leave My Box

Australia-bound drum & bass don Andy C has certainly enjoyed an illustrious career, and this is one of his favourite corners of the world to visit. The man they call ‘The Executioner’ has been in the biz for over 20 years, and his dexterous, intensive mixing style is a genre benchmark. Since 2011, the DJ has also developed his ‘Alive’ show, which sees him commanding three decks and effects inside a unique stage structure, backed by custom visuals. On this whirlwind tour, covering four cities in as many days, we’ll see Andy C in his element alongside MC GQ.

Given just how much history the Ram Records founder brings to the game, inthemix went after him for our Guest Lists feature series. With previous editions from four-four-favouring names like Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, Surkin and Jaytech, it was time for a drum & bass fix. We asked Andy to talk us through the ten records that he keeps close by at all times. As expected, it’s an all-killer list of drum & bass game-changers. Take it away…

Splash – Babylon

“Made by a friend of mine D.A.Z from my old days on pirate radio Cyndicut FM. I can’t tell you how many times this tune has destroyed a party! The amen break is chopped in a way nobody has matched, the vocal sample is legendary and when the bass drops: mayhem.”

Jo – R Type

“This tune defines the term ‘roller’. I’ve been playing this out for about 18 years! It’s pure DnB – so far ahead of its time, people still haven’t caught up with it. The beats and the 808 bass just bounce off each other, plus the arrangement and intro in particular are perfect.”

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix)

“Foul Play took this tune and turned it into an all time classic. I was going through my old vinyl a few years ago and came across it, put it on the decks and got caught up in the emotion. I knew it would work again. Listen for the “take me up” vocal in the intro and go from there. Everything about this track is neck-tingling. Epic.”

Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows

“The tune that started it all for me, Ant and Ram in general. I have vivid memories of making this tune. Our vibe in the studio was amazing that day, it only took about four hours. My favourite writing experience ever: it all fell into place! Ant and myself just let the tune write itself and it’s amazing what it has meant to so many different people over the world. We are very proud of it.”

Future Cut – Midnight (M.I.S.T. VIP remix)

“Future Cut’s original was a great tune and then M.I.S.T. – Marcus Intalex and ST Files – came along and gave it the remix treatment and turned it into an all-time classic. In my opinion, it deserved to be much bigger than it was at the time. Great drum & bass, lovely classical strings and an incredible vocal from Jenna G. Quality!”

Optical – Shape the Future (Remix)

“What a tune! I cannot explain how this makes me feel when I play it in the rave. It’s so raw and dark. When the bass comes in the intro, it’s all over. Techno vibes, heads down, no messing. Optical is a true legend of our scene and this tune is one of his many standouts.”

Konflict – Messiah

“The intro of all intros! Konflict as an act sadly didn’t make as many tunes as they should have, but boy did they leave our scene with an all-time, pure unadulterated smasher. An intro so epic, I don’t think anything has come close. Just listening to it now as I write I can see the hands in the air and then the explosion as it drops…carnage! This tune defined DnB at the time and inspired so many to follow.”

Lennie De Ice – We Are I.E.

“The first time I heard the amen break chopped, the first rave I went to, the first rewind I heard. This tune set so many precedents – got to be one of the first ‘jungle’ tracks ever. Listen to it, let it take you back and imagine hearing it the first time. I still occasionally play it now and it goes down just as good as it did in ‘91!”

Dillinja – Threshold

“Dillinja is probably the most influential DnB producer ever. Everyone I know acknowledges him as the king! Wow, I gotta say, just listening to this now, I’m still struck by emotion of it. The strings, the aggression in the beats, the bass. So many of his tunes do this, I could’ve picked any! So far ahead, so real.”

Ram Trilogy – Titan

“The Ram Trilogy period was so much fun for Ant, Shimon and myself. We really hit a purple patch and there were so many ideas flying around the studio we couldn’t get them down quick enough. I’ve picked this track ‘cos I always get so many requests for it. I really love its rolling simplicity and relentlessness. One of my favourite bass sounds we ever made; it reminds me of a special time.”

Andy C tour dates:

Thursday Jan 24 – Adelaide, HQ Complex

Friday Jan 25 – Perth, Metro City

Saturday Jan 26 – Mebourne, Hi-Fi

Sunday Jan 27 – Sydney, The Metro Theatre