Andreas Kauffelt – The Quiet Achiever

It’s not often one of Europe’s great record labels packs up shop and moves to Australia. It happened last year with Eric Powell and his label Bush Records, and now it’s happened again with Andreas Kauffelt and his Aural Satisfaction Records. ITM’s Natalie Metcalfe spoke to Andreas to find out more.

Pre-empting my first meeting with Andreas Kauffelt, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that he has produced some fantastic tracks and obviously has great taste in music.

Unfortunately many Australians are unfamiliar with him as a DJ or as a live electronic act, even though he has toured with the likes of Sven Vath, playing in clubs such as Berlin’s E-Werk. This would be due to the fact that although he has had a past history on the decks and as a live performer and can rock a party really damn well, he is a producer first and foremost. Most of his fame is of European origin and with the attentions of avid vinyl buyers. Thank God too because going by his brand new release, he is delivering us unto Techno heaven, brothers and sisters.

You see it all started out back in Frankfurt several years ago, when Andreas was just a kiddie, around the age of 13 to be exact. His brother received one of those Commodore 64 computer thingies. Unfortunately it wasn’t really his forte, but Andreas on the other hand – well let’s just say he really took to it, marking the beginnings of a wonderful relationship between himself and the production of digital music.

Andreas developed a love for music early on in life. Prior to his Commodore 64 days, he was into music at the age of 5, playing guitar among other musical instruments. He became inspired as he grew older and the dawning of the age of Acid House arrived. This teamed with his technical background and the knowledge he acquired from studying radio & electronics, enabled him to build his own studio and have the advantage of tailoring and modifying his equipment to his personal needs, allowing him to produce his own music.

By 1993, many labels were enticed and became intrigued by his distinct style and depth of sound. This lead to the formation of “Virtuality” (himself and Michael Krieg), and the release of three 12” records on the “Uptown” label. This gained a lot of exposure for Andreas both in the clubs and in the media. By 1994, he decided that it was time to take matters into his own hands and this lead to the formation of his own label “Aural Satisfaction Records” – nice name if I don’t mind saying so myself.

The success of the label is evident in the artists that were quickly signed to it such as Heiko Laux, Izzo/Maus (Gadgets), dr scissors, Mike L, Oscar Comas (Fieber Rec.), Navid, NKS and Junoman. He has not only been responsible for releases on his own label but also on other labels such as Elektrolux, Trope Recordings (Thomas Heckmann’s label), Electrocute Soundplates and Hooj Choons under many different aliases including Subtonal, Dark Attractor, asr, Earth Frequency, Mobile Space Unit, Mohare and Monolove.

His work is commonly sought after to appear on DJ compilations worldwide, and Andreas has also done a great deal of remix work for labels and artists including PV, Manmande, Superstition, Spinyl US, Luxus, Planet Source, Cellophan, Uptown, Turtle Trax, Pascal F.E.O.S, Insect Yazz, Supercruizer (Toby Izui & Gabriel Le Mar), Mental Blox, Ultratubes and Thomas Heckmann to name but a few.

So why is Sydney so lucky to have such a Tech-House revolutionary gracing our shores and why is hardly anyone aware of it?

Well, Andreas moved to Sydney to get away from the European scene, relax and concentrate on producing more of his unique and extraordinary music. In fact, Andreas has moved his whole studio out here, consisting of computers, keyboards and a drum unit – the works in fact. For now he is happy just focusing on his music and relaxing.

It looks like he’s made the right choice as his latest release, which was produced and recorded in Australia, is truly perfection. “Next Chapter” is of course available on “Aural Satisfaction Records”, and includes tunes such as “In Between”, “Im Hotel” and “Pest Control” – they have been on constant rotation on my decks ever since first hearing too, and that is always a good sign. The latest offering is essentially Tech-House, consisting of huge beats, dubby effects, and a percussive persuasion. Go to www.auralsatisfaction.com to find out and hear more.

For now Andreas seems to be really enjoying Sydney as a city, and it seems to be doing the right thing by him too. Unfortunately for all of us though, he only performs live or DJs on very special and rare occasions. He did however perform an absolutely rocking set at the sensational new night Crunch a fortnight ago at Frontier nightclub. So next time you see his name, make sure you go along and check him out, as it definitely will educate your mind and enhance your listening pleasure.

Luckily for lovers of Techno and Tech-House the world over, Andreas sees himself producing for at least another ten years. So stay tuned for future releases, guaranteed to rock just as hard as the previous ones have.

Andreas Kauffelt´sall time favourites:
1. Subtonal – Dark Distortions
2. Plaid – Rest Proof Clockwork
3. David Morley – Tilted
4. Elecktroids – Elektroworld
5. Black Dog Produktions – Bytes
6. Age – The Orion Years
7. Autechre – Amber
8. Senor Coconut – El Baile Aleman
9. Kraftwerk – Computerwelt

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