An LA club has banned DJs from using laptops

For some, “real DJing” is a matter of track selection, the ability to read a crowd or pure passion. But for the owner of Los Angeles nightspot Cure And The Cause, the measure of a good DJ is all down to mastering the tools. So in a bid to end lazy mixing, he’s introduced a controversial new rule: “No more laptops in the DJ booth.”

In a now-viral Facebook post, club owner Kenny Summit informed DJs hoping to play the house venue that they need to leave the laptops at home and beatmatch on the CDJs. “Keep your controller in your crib, don’t come to work with training wheels. LEARN THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE already,” he wrote. “We opened this place to showcase talent. So, show us your talent.”

The edict has certainly stirred the pot. Joining the chorus of fiery social media commenters, Minus boss Richie Hawtin has dubbed the no-laptops stance the “most ridiculous rule ever”. But for Seth Troxler, the ability to beatmatch is what separates DJs from entertainers – and something “too many rich kids out there” don’t actually know how to do.

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Importantly, Summit has made clear that the laptop ban doesn’t extend to all DJs. If you’re using a laptop to control vinyl, program live sounds on the fly or doing “a turntablist type of set,” you’re in the clear.

In a second Facebook post and interview with Magnetic Mag, the club owner clarified that his post was mostly directed at opening DJs with less experience. “Many of them show up with a laptop and controller, and that’s all they’ve ever used. That’s a problem,” he told Magnetic Mag. “They don’t know what to connect with our Pioneer system; they have no clue what they’re plugging in or what plugs they’re taking out.”

But the final word on the matter came from Detroit native Jimmy Edgar this morning. “Yawn when DJs argue over sync, laptop, purism. Go do a mix or make a tune,” he tweeted this morning. “What are u fucking running for DJ president?”