All your favourite DJs star in the new Meeting Tree video

Are The Meeting Tree the most important artists working in Australia today? After watching their latest video, we’re inclined to answer with a very firm “probably”.

After spending the last year doing their bit to promote undercover cop awareness and the truth about real DJing, today the self-described Godfathers of Australian Dance Music have returned with another video set to go down as a classic.

In the clip for their track Life Is Long: Slow Down, The Meeting Tree go in on gronks, those Native American headdress-wearing, UFC-watching, On The Road-reading meninists who like to dab and proudly display their AAA lanyards. Ever worn matching shirts to a bucks party? Consider yourself in the firing line.

They’re recruited a cast of Australia’s favourite dance stars – L D R U, GG MagreePeking Duk’s Adam Hyde and Levins – to get the anti-gronk message across. See it for yourself below.