Alex M.O.R.P.H: The golden touch

The man they know as Alex M.O.R.P.H. is rising more and more to become one of the trance scene’s most successful quiet achievers. From groundbreaking floorfillers like his Rank 1 collaboration A Life Less Ordinary, his remixes for big guns like Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk, to his brand new euphoric masterpiece Sunshine: everything he touches turns to gold. ITM gets an insight into where he gets his inspiration from, ahead of his shows in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend.

Firstly, what does the M.O.R.P.H. each stand for in your name?

I had a fav track in the early years i started DJing which was from Spicelab called Amorph. It kicked me totally out of the roof. I liked it so much that i thought about some options to modulate it for me. Also amorph is the meaning for: unformed, formless, which means for me not to be categorized in the way to look. In these early years i really often changed my style in case of clothes, haircut, etc. So Amorph was the perfect thing for me. That was the origin hour of the Alex M.O.R.P.H. thing.

Describe Alex M.O.R.P.H. in three words.

Friendly. Workoholic. Focussed.

The first single from your upcoming artist album Sunshine made a massive impact here in Australia last year as well as all over the world. Paul Van Dyk played it here last November to a roaring crowd. Did you expect it to be so well received? Were you aware that it was so big in Australia?

I had no idea about that, is it true? Amazing news, really! I’m glad that the australian people receive my music so well! I guess that single has Sunshine (=Australia) written all over it, that’s why it arrives the people, hehehehe…

You’ve got your upcoming artist album due for release on VANDIT Records in May this year. The title track ‘Purple Audio’ has already been released and gives us a cheeky taster but can you tell me what should fans expect from the rest of the album?

As you may have noticed with my latest single Photograph, the album will not contain 100 per cent energetic trance. I also tried do create some new things, to bring more variation. That might shock some M.O.R.P.H. fans, as I have read in some forums (yes, I’m very well informed about what people think of my productions!), but I cannot help. Sometimes I love to walk in new ways, but that doesn’t automatically mean that I totally change my style or genre! So don’t panic. The album will have a lot of typical M.O.R.P.H. trancers and some new reflections to my view on electronic dance music, which is more than “just trance”.

Have you been to Australia before? What have you heard about doing gigs here? How do you think it will compare to other places in the world?

Yep, I’ve been down under 2 times before, and I absolutely enjoyed it. The people were so friendly, happy and cool! They really appreciated the music I played and it was a great experience for me as well – so, I have the best memories to Australia and am looking forward to come back, even if it’s a damn long flight! Maybe I should settle down there, what do you think?

You’re an excellent remixer, producer and DJ. But which do you prefer more: DJing, producing or remixing?

“Well it’s hard to say, because I enjoy every part of my job. Some things are more difficult than others, they take more time and more concentration, like producing your own single. When you make a remix, you already have a composition, you already have some remix parts, vocals or else that you can start working with. It’s indeed easier to make a remix, but I wouldn’t say that I ‘prefer’ it more. DJing is a great thing as well, I can put out the tracks and all the energy I have collected in my studio sessions. Plus, the contact with the crowd is important and lots of fun! Don’t wanna miss that. All three things are connected too much, so I cannot really give a clear answer to this question.

In 2008, you finally cracked the DJ Mag TOP 100, along with your longstanding DJ/remixing partner, Woody van Eyden. What are your thoughts on the top 100? Are you aiming to move up the ladder in 2009?

The DJ Mag Top100 is of course important for a DJ. It’s an indicator for acceptance in the dance music business and his popularity worldwide. Woody and me are really happy to be ranking, because for us it’s prove that we did things right and that the people enjoy our work that we do every day. And yes, we will do our best this year to climb up the list, which is not an easy task! After all, the people still have to vote to make it happen!

Australia has a lot of great DJs and producers getting recognised internationally now. Which artists/DJs do you like from Australia? Who do you see as an up and coming producer / DJ coming out of Australia?

The name Mike Nichol comes to mind, who is connected to (I think) Armin van Buuren’s label. I believe that there will be some interesting stuff from this guy in the upcoming year! I’m also sure that the recent trance wave in Australia will bring up more talented people that are able to produce some quality tracks! 2009 will tell.

Lastly, what should we expect from your set at Defcon? Any surprises?

If I tell you, it’s not going to be a surprise anymore, is it? Hahaha… What you can expect, is a quality set with a lot of energy. Just expect Alex M.O.R.P.H., and you will get him! I’m not coming the long way to disappoint you.

Alex M.O.R.P.H tour dates…

Friday 6th February – Sounds of Trance, Sydney

Saturday 7th February – Defcon, Melbourne