Alert for Brisbane this weekend

The perennial balancing act

One of the driving forces behind Melbourne’s hard house / hard trance scene, Scott Alert has been a stakeholder in many of the city’s most happening clubs and warehouse parties. Ranging from the smaller, more personal Tuesday affair: ‘Climax’ (’94 – ’98), to the current weekly mega-party, ‘Hard Kandy’ @ Billboard, Scott Alert has somehow managed to successfully promote these events, bringing both interstate and international high profile DJ’s into the local sphere, maintain his DJ career and still find time to get into the studio. Having begun his DJ career in ’93, today’s dance scene has seen much change since then.

“I suppose it was a newer, younger version of what we have now – with a more select audience. A lot of the same ideals… party elements have continued through over the last decade, like the basic elements of the music and why people go out, but I also think it is a lot more refined and more commercial now”.

Opening his first club in ’94 on perhaps the most obscure of nights – a Tuesday, the weekly ‘Climax’ regularly boasted crowds of 400 +. “It was one of Melbourne’s most successful Tuesday nights and went for about 4 years. It was similar to Hard Kandy but a lot smaller. We played a lot of techno back then, and Trance also. It was more of a social fun night, a bit more intimate”. This seems a far cry from his current venture, a collaborative effort between Ajax, Krash and Scott which has seen ‘Hard Kandy’ become one of the most successful clubs of its kind in the country.

“We pull over 1000 people every week and generally we have marketed it towards the colorful, young crowd who particularly want to go out to a club to dance and have a good time rather than pick up and get drunk. If people generally aren’t correctly dressed we won’t let them in because we want the culture in the club to be right. It’s a dance club so if they are wearing high heals or jeans we don’t believe they are there for the right reasons – to listen to the music and dance”.

Perhaps Scott’s success has come of his focused music vision, homing in on what the people want then delivering. “I play a lot of hard trance with a little bit of hard house thrown in usually around 140 to 155 bpm. I don’t really go any faster because with a lot of the music I play if I push it too far the material in the track can’t be absorbed as well and you just don’t do the music justice”.

Scott Alert plays Mayday System 6 Main Frame, 2-3 am this Sunday, 6th May @ the Arena in Brisbane and weekly in Melbourne at Hard Kandy.