Ajax never actually booked for Corey tour

Fans of Ajax, you can now breath a sigh of relief! After a tense morning wondering what the hell Australia’s reigning prince of electro – and #1 ranked DJ on the inthemix50, mind you – was thinking agreeing to play ‘Coreys Party Tour’, it’s come to light via his booking agent that he was in fact never confirmed to appear.

We’re not sure what was running through the head of the tour’s promoter when they decided to distribute the flier and put tickets onsale without having their headline DJ confirmed, however Ajax’s booking agent at the Modular Agency was able to quickly clear up the confusion. “Yesterday we were contacted by the promoter who inquired about booking Ajax for 3 dates for a nondescript series of events,” revealed the Modular Agency rep, “there was no further details discussed, nothing has been confirmed.”

Despite being horrifically unprofessional to announce a headline artist without their express confirmation, we can’t say we’re particularly shocked considering the whole sordid mess up to this point. Not surprisingly all mention of the tour has now been removed from Moshtix, however at present the flier remains on Corey’s MySpace page.

As always, stay tuned to ITM for updates.