Afrojack’s mammoth summer, from Ibiza to Paris (Hilton)

After his star-making turn at Stereosonic 2010, it was pretty clear Dutch house star Afrojack was poised for a marathon year. In the time since, Nick van der Wall has powered through a host of collabs, won a Grammy alongside David Guetta, kept up a residency at the seriously wallet-lightening XS club in Vegas and of course made regular dispatches to Ibiza in his private jet. Just the average itinerary of a 24-year-old, then.

Afrojack has no qualms with being a gun for hire, and he raised a few eyebrows recently by hooking up with Queen of House Music in waiting Paris Hilton. Well, if you’ve been curious about what the Dutchman can do for Paris, he played an infinished demo of their collaboration at Sun City Music Festival in El Paso earlier this month.

“It’s so new, it’s not even finished yet,” Afro warns in the video. On the production side, it’s as you’d expect: sorta trouse-y riffs, with a buzzsaw bassline. On the singing side, well, it’s what you’d expect too: sorta anemic. But here it is, so that’s that.

Last month, Mixmag made Afrojack its cover star, with a feature that covered his stratospheric rise through the dance music ranks. The interview has now been made available online, with some interesting insights into just how embraced he is in North America.

“In the US it’s crazy,” gushes Guetta. “He is probably only just after me and Tiesto there, and that’s after just one year. Nobody has done that. Imagine what will happen in five!”

His protégé is complimentary in return, but with an amusing aside about Guetta’s shortcomings. “I taught him how to produce, and he taught me about writing songs,” Afro’ recounts. “When I met him he knew a little about producing, but it sounded like shit, like it wasn’t mixed. So I taught him all these little tricks, and he picked it up really fast. I’m the one that taught David to produce, but the songwriting he does himself, the chords, the melodies, he’s really good at that.”

As for how he’ll approach Stereosonic in 2011, the Mixmag scribe details his current sets with quite an array of adjectives. Ready? “He plays ruthless, relentless, trick-heavy music, often collapsing into outrageous, heart-stopping builds and drops, heavy beats slathered with nagging high-pitched riffs and bucking-foal kicks.”