Above & Beyond transforming into live act?

This year already dance fans have seen a host of big name dance artists indulge their arena-fantasies and turn their ‘club show’ into a live outing with some being more successful than others – 2manydjs over summer and The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 for instance. Now it would appear as though another illustrious dance act is getting in on the action, with trance legends Above & Beyond confirming their interest in going live.

The news comes from UK site Data Transmission which scored an interview with A&B figurehead Tony McGuiness recently and when prodded about a recent live outing for the group in Beirut, McGuiness explained that a live transformation is indeed on the cards following the warm reaction to their first attempt.

“I felt that we gave a good account for ourselves but probably it’s a thing you need to do for about a year every couple weeks or every week or twice a week before you get really good at it and attempt to say that you’re doing that well,” McGuiness said of Above & Beyond’s live chops. “It’s a whole other game, and that’s what we learned – but it was fantastic. And to do it in Beirut in front of 7000 very welcoming people was fantastic.”

Of course, to successfully transfer the A&B DJ show into a live experience would be no easy feat, something which the, uh, band(?!) are well aware of and currently trying to work around.

“We need to make a smaller, more simplified version [of the show] – but our aim was to try and reproduce the records live, ‘cos that’s kind of what you do if you’re in a band…which I think is next to impossible to do because of that issue! You know, imagine it’s a gig and between each song there’s 64 people running off and another 64 people coming on, and no soundcheck, off you go. That’s really effectively what you do, especially with the detail that we did it. We had everything separate and we were all playing different parts and getting it all to gel together was the thing that was a lot harder to do. We didn’t really spend that much time thinking about that to be honest – it was sort of “oh no it’ll be fine”, but actually that’s what you’re doing.”

What do you think about an Above & Beyond live show? Would it stack up to their epic DJ sets as seen at this year’s Future Music Festival? ITMers had their own strong opinions about some of dance music’s best live acts last week and we wonder where Above & Beyond might sit in that list…