A-Trak, Destructo and co. take aim at Top 100 DJs poll for ‘Funny Or Die’

Over in the States election time is rolling around, while in the UK Scotland will vote on independence next week. But in the world of dance music, a different kind of debate is stirring.

Comedy website Funny Or Die has some very amusing “footage” of this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 debate, ahead of the publication’s annual DJ ranking and unveiling later this year at ADE.

DJs with-a-sense-of-humour A-Trak, DJ Mustard and Destructo partook in the event, along with two actors from the TV show Pretty Little Liars playing pretty convincing caricatures of a DJ. Leading the drill is perhaps the realest DJ of them all: DJ Tanner from popular 90s show Full House (you might also know her as Candace Cameron Bure).

This isn’t the first time Funny Or Die has had some harmless fun at the expense of the Top 100 poll. Last year, they created a series of spoof campaign ads for the likes of Afrojack, Dillon Francis and Paul Oakenfold.

Head on over to Funny Or Die to watch the video, or catch it below as A-Trak, DJ Mustard and Destructo sound off on topics such as Ibiza immigration reform, festival ticket taxes, DJ healthcare (“Needs a remix,” according to A-Trak), confetti gun control and marijuana legalisation…in outer space. And the best part? Closing statements are closing beats.