A-Trak, Alex Metric and Aeroplane have combined forces

Three dance heavyweights are teaming up on a new collaborative project that could actually break the internet. Dance legend A-Trak, indie remixer extraordinaire Alex Metric and nu-disco pioneer Aeroplane are “working on a project together,” Alex Metric revealed last week on Asian cruise ship festival It’s The Ship.

“We’re working on one track at the moment,” Metric told inthemix. “It does sound like the three of us, you can hear everyone’s influence in it: it’s quite Italo, but also quite banging…it’s got a bit of an Eric Prydz vibe to it? Quite melodic. If we can tear ourselves away from getting drunk, Vito [Aeroplane] and I might try and finish it on the ship.”

“It’s not something we can just put out,” Aeroplane added later. “It needs to be… It’s A-Trak, Alex Metric and Aeroplane: if that track’s not good, we’re gonna have a massive problem. So we’re working on making it something that will be inevitable…global.”

As to whether the single track will expand to further collabs, we’ll have to wait and see. “Getting the three of us in the same place at the one time is never easy,” Metric said. “It was just pure luck: I was in LA, I had a studio, A-Trak wanted to work together and Vito was in town, so I said, ‘why don’t the three of us do something?’”

In the meantime, Alex Metric also revealed that he has a new EP on the way, as well as new material for his side-project with Yuksek, The Alexanders. For Aeroplane’s part, he’s working on a new track with Kimbra and a new EP, as well as a brand new website that will host all his new and old tracks, mixes and remixes. Check out all the photos from It’s The Ship below.