A SWAT team shut down Dada Life’s show in Miami

Swedish electro-house duo Dada Life are known for riotous shows (they recently staged the world’s biggest pillow fight at a show in Chicago) and messing around with the authorities (they missed playing Miami’s Ultra Music Festival this year after being detained at the airport in Sweden as a “threat to national security” because of their tongue-in-cheek campaign to have ‘Dada Land’ recognised as an official country).

But the duo went next-level last Friday when a SWAT team was called in to shut down their show at Mana Production Village in Miami after ticket holders stuck outside the venue broke through the gates. An attendee at the gig told website EDM Tunes that, “Security was being unfair. They were only letting about two people in at a time. It was inefficient, of course people are going to get riled up. So security shut the gate on people and refused to let anybody inside. Everyone became outraged and broke the entrance gate open and rushed in.”

Naturally, Dada Life live-tweeted the chaos:

On the bright side, the duo weren’t detained for imbibing their preferred novelty combination of bananas and champagne, which they told inthemix recently is “actually illegal in 19 or 20 states [in the US]… You can’t combine bananas and champagne” (again, with tongues firmly in cheeks).

Dada Life will bring their chaotic live show to Australia for Future Music Festival next March and warned that we should, “expect the unexpected. Sometimes stuff happens that we don’t even know was supposed to happen. And that’s the fun of it.” Although we imagine that doesn’t include being shut down by the riot squad.