A few sane reasons why that Daft Punk tour poster is fake

With 1,500-plus shares on this post – from a Community page that craftily tags the real Daft Punk page and its 7.5 million fans – we’re afraid a few too many people believe a momentous Australian tour has actually been announced. While the duo’s official camp has released two glimpses into the creation of Random Access Memories, courtesy of interviews with collaborators Giorgio Moroder and Todd Edwards, any tour news is being kept closely guarded. With the countdown on to the album’s May reveal, its iconic cover art splashed across billboards, anticipation is understandably at fever-pitch. Sadly, though, that doesn’t mean we have shows to scrawl madly in the diary.

There’s a few reasons why you should gently inform that hyperventilating friend that it’s not real…yet. Firstly: this poster has already circulated, except with fake U.S. dates. Secondly: There’s been zip heard from Justice and the Chemical Brothers, the supposed support acts on the year’s most-anticipated tour (although Ed Chemical did post this about the fake U.S. poster that was doing the rounds).

Thirdly: there’s no official announcement from anyone. But really, the person who Photoshopped this poster together made one crucial slip-up: Canberra. With all due respect to our nation’s capital, and as much as we’d love them to be so lucky, that stop on the itinerary just doesn’t stack up. Further still, Daft Punk spending New Year’s in Australia feels very much in the too-good-to-be-true basket. In sum? That Australian tour poster is only slightly more plausible than this one.

There is, still, much to be excited about (even if it’s not some epic triple-headliner tour where no major Australian city misses out and Sydney gets its biggest-ever NYE bill). As the ‘Collaborators’ video series has taught us so far, Random Access Memories was recorded organically with some formidable minds weighing in. “It was from the heart, it was like it was meant to be,” disco legend Nile Rodgers told inthemix. “It was a perfect collaboration, and I bet that’s what they are going to say. It was like we belonged together.”