9 things we learnt at floating festival It’s The Ship 2016

This month It’s The Ship cruised through international waters for its third year in a row. Asia’s largest floating festival took punters hailing from 60 different countries from Singapore to Penang and back again, for four days and three nights of non-stop partying with new friends.

There’s wasn’t much in the way of sleep, but we’re not complaining – between the rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, full service day spa, video game arcade, pools, bars and stacked dance line-up, there were way too many good reasons to stay awake.This year’s lineup saw the likes of Knife Party, Dada Life, Far East Movement rock the boat – but the cherry on the cake? The ship’s ‘captain’ was none other than David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff. No biggie!

Having been onboard for all three years of the festival, you might think inthemix had have seen it all – but It’s The Ship still found new ways to surprise us. Always learning, here are ten things we discovered onboard the 24-hour rave that was It’s The Ship 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 7.28.09 pm

 #1 David Hasselhoff sings like your dad

To some people’s disappointment (ours) David Hasselhoff’s debut DJ set didn’t happen. Instead, The Hoff hosted a sing-along: wearing his Baywatch jacket and skinny jeans with a life saving buoy in one hand and microphone in the other, we were treated to all his favourite songs.

Covering the Baywatch theme, Jump in My Car, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), Sweet Caroline, Delilah and Suspicious Minds, we learnt that David Hasselhoff’s singing sounds like every dad’s best Elvis impersonation. It was, simply, amazing.

#2 There’s no such thing as a noise complaint

This is probably the best thing about It’s The Ship: the music is turned up as loud as it can go, it plays all night long and can be heard all around the boat. In one night you can hear everything from trap and hardstyle to techno and deep house blast from the speakers, meaning there really is something for everyone. Away from cranky neighbours and pesky lockout laws, the party goes all the way until sunrise. Side note: watching the sun come up as trance plays in the background is something everyone should do at least once in their life.

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#3 Sexy Sax Man beats The Hoff

This years hottest commodity was the so-dubbed Sexy Sax Man. Outshining David Hasselhoff’s heartthrob status, Sexy Sax Man had people swooning everywhere he went. Standing shirtless on tables playing Careless Whisper, he had the ladies in the palm of his hands.

#4 Humans can hand themselves into lost and found

With the huge crowds, a couple of drinks in your system and a lack of phone reception, chances are you are going to lose your friends at least once. This can happen either on the boat or on the island of Penang – but fear not!

Turns out the lost and found marquee wasn’t only for mobile phones, wallets and Seapass cards – it was for humans too. Turn yourself in there and someone will put a call out to your friends over the loudspeaker, meaning you’ll be returned safe and sound real soon.

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#5 Punters can go from bikinis to gowns and back again in record time

In keeping with cruise tradition, one night on the ship sees passengers trade the bikinis for gowns and boardies for suits at the gala dinner. The faces of the Compulsive Twerking Girl and Naked Aussie Boy are almost unrecognisable in their Sunday best. It is quite impressive to see people transform from complete debauchery to elegance and back in less than two hours. 

#6 Always get The Hoff to endorse your marriage proposal

Proposing to your significant other can be a vulnerable experience – you’re never 100 percent guaranteed to get the answer you are hoping for. But a sure fire way to avoid rejection is to cook up a plan with the proposal pro himself, David Hasselhoff.

At the gala dinner, one young man had The Hoff announce that him and his girlfriend had won a prize. Once they were up on stage to collect their “winnings”, the mic was handed to the lover boy who proceed to drop his knee and pop the question. SHE SAID YES! *clink*

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#7 Australians win most the patriotic passengers award

This year’s flock of Australian attendees were as patriotic as ever. If they didn’t have a tattoo of the flag, they were wearing one, and if they didn’t have a flag they were chanting “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi”. Gotta love the pride.

#8 Dolly Parton goes off

Dark White’s poolside set on Saturday afternoon included some welcome curveballs. Playing to a packed crowed, he managed to slip in dance remixes of Fleetwood Mac and a crowd favourite, Jolene by Dolly Parton. Watching fully grown men passionately belt out this song whilst doing the boot-scoot is a beautiful thing.

#9 People will get anything tattooed

This discovery actually happened on the flight home. One festival goer was sporting a brand new, quite large tattoo of the ‘It’s The Ship’ logo right on his foot – he wanted to make sure he never forgets the time he had over those four days. When asked if it was real, he answered with: “Yeah I think so, I was still a bit drunk when I got it”.

Kristy Barker travelled on It’s The Ship at the expense of the promoter. Find out how you can get on board the 2017 festival over here.