6 local DJ collectives who are killing it right now

Discwoman, Body High, Wedidit, Miss Modular…right now, there’s a stack of talented cliques around the globe pushing the boundaries of dance music everyday.

But even more exciting is the fact that Australia has its own guard of talented DJs, artists and musicians banding together to bring world class parties right to your doorstep. Together, these local heroes make sure you get to listen to the best music at the hottest venues all while keeping things safe, inclusive and, most importantly, relevant. KISH LAL got to know some of the DJ collectives keeping Australia dancing in 2016.



Grace Bullen and Sezzo Snot are the brains behind Passiona, an all inclusive, mindful collective whose bi-monthly parties in Brisbane are blowing up. With a heavy focus on building a safe space for anyone to party in – and a bubbly mix of rap, grime, house and hip hop being rinsed at every event – chin strokers are few and far between. The Brisbane scene isn’t an easy one to crack, and these two powerhouses have come together to support everything from art exhibitions and book reviews to club nights and promoting female identifying/non binary/trans/queer communities through their influence. Refreshing, don’t you think?

jus b chill

Jus b chill

What started life as a record label run by a group of friends quickly took speed when Jus b Chill kicked off a run of parties at Melbourne space Cool Room. More a family than a collective, Jus b Chill throw inclusive parties complete with a hands-on host, safety coordinator and SMS cool line that always texts back. You can expect techno, techno and more techno on the night, but if you can’t attend, TRNSMT have a handy live stream that can make you feel like you’re right there amongst all the sweaty, euphoric action.



‘Powerful QPOC who do incredible things’ essentially sums up Alterity. Together Wahe Kavara, Yung Brujo, Bex Djentuh, trixie darko and Atong Atem make up the conscious collective, who are doing important things for the scene and culture in both Sydney and Melbourne. Each member brings unique sensibilities to Alterity – between them they’re DJs, visual artists and musicians, all of whom are passionate about empowering queer POC.



This all-girl ass kicking squad hail from Sydney. Matka, G COO and Ashley Lozier came together to do one thing: throw unforgettable, inclusive parties you won’t forget. Strong champions of ending the gender gap in dance music, their bi-monthly parties at Newtown’s Tokyo Sing Song are led by all female line-ups with a strong inclusive policy that aims to leave no one behind. Their twist? The music played at every Honey party is by female artists, producers, rappers and singers only, from the depths of hip-hop and R&B to pop, house and disco. The future really is female.



Down in Melbourne you are sure to find CRXY SXY CXXL doing their thing all around the city. Founded by MIMI and Jade Zoe, the crew now boasts a long line of incredible DJs including SAL and Lotus Moonchild. They’ve done everything from support Danny Brown at Acclaim Magazine’s 10th Birthday Party to close the stage at Let Them Eat Cake on New Year’s Day; this summer they’re gearing up for a series of pop-up parties and have teamed up with Puma for their launch party. Some of the coolest girls around for sure.


Club ESC

Officially Club ESC retired their monthly parties in November last year, but just like John Farnham, they came back hungry for more. Since then Club ESC have continued to throw parties with Venus X and Asmara at helm, even bringing friends from Sydney to town for shows. Founded by Lawson Fletcher, Rap Simons and Air Max ’97 the family has extended to Jalé, waterhouse and Maq.

Kish Lal is a Melbourne-based writer. You can follow her on Twitter.

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