3D stage show “issues” force Avicii to postpone U.S. arena dates

As we discussed in-depth back in March, it seems you can’t be a big-name dance music headliner these days without an expensive stage show. Having been inspired by Deadmau5 and his Rubik’s Cube, fresh-faced Swede Avicii recently went to work on his own flashy set-up, which he debuted at Coachella last month.

Coachella was the testing ground for an ambitious trek across North America, with Avicii booked to play huge arenas. Fans who crammed in to the Sahara tent in the Indio desert saw Avicii appear from the ‘skull’ of a towering white mask at centre stage, flanked by sheer video screens. Not everyone was impressed with the results, though – and it seems Avicii’s camp wasn’t entirely happy either, taking the drastic measure of postponing the first run of arena dates to get the production right. A statement from one of Avicii’s team members, Mark Ward, veers close to Spinal Tap satire, but apparently it’s serious business.

“The production is a re-invention of modern technology in an unexplored area of application seeing the 3D mapping is done on an organic surface and mixed in real time,” Ward said. “In its complexity we discovered some technical issues at Coachella that could compromise the quality of the experience for the fans which is why we are recommending we move the tour starting date up to a month later.”

A cluster of shows, from Texas to New Orleans to Detroit, have been shifted from May to September. When you’re “reinventing modern technology”, you can’t be rushing…