30 Years of DJing, by Sven Ví¤th

Earlier this week, Sven Ví¤th published an essay of sorts musing on his ‘30 Years on the Decks’. Loaded with his insights on vinyl, the evolution of techno and the role of the DJ, it’s a worthy read from a true original. With approval from Ví¤th’s management, we have republished the full article here. You’ll of course find him bringing those fabled dancefloor moments to us in March at Future Music Festival

‘Hey Mr DJ play that song – keep doin’ it, doin’ it – all night long’ … (Tony Touch)

…and that is exactly what it is all about: songs with fantasy and thoughtfulness, songs to freak out and to fall in love to, songs to sing along to, songs with heart and soul. However, it’s also about instrumentals, no matter whether they are composed with the computer or made ‘by hand’, it’s about songs with soundscapes that inspire longing and exude freedom.

For me, it’s about tracks that have the power of radiance, that tell stories or spread hope. Songs that sound and invite you to listen – sometimes abstract and extra terrestrial, sometimes well-known and catchy. Tracks that should never stop, that keep the moment, and turn all of us into the centre of the universe, exactly in that moment when they are played – played loud!

And I’m talking not only about the DJs who pick the tracks, but even more about the listeners and the dancers – music that gives us what we are all searching for. Many a track shows us the hidden or crazy side of us, many tracks make us smile and some even make us cry. Music touches us and it moves us. Songs make us move, from disco dancing via breakdancing to cool groovin’ and, of course, right up to ultimate raving. I need songs that simply keep me dancing on and on, songs that combine these two crucial elements: to feel the world that we live in, but at the same time to be able to forget it for a short time – only a really good song can do that.

‘This House Is Mine’- Discover and impart… (The Hypnotist)

Finding music that qualitatively stands out from the masses – this is my mission.

Visionary music that never lets you go. Music that makes you curious for more. Music that has the power to create something new and to unite people. Music by and for DJs, ideally in a forceful dancefloor sound, however not conservative but free in arrangement and open for new ideas, especially open for the combination of old and new.

It should be loud and powerful but also subtle, subliminal, soulful and silent, right up to experimental bizarre and totally weird. It must be authentic, not something that’s copied and imitated. Revolutionary music that creates something new. This is my impetus and that is how music should be, this is what I’m looking for and that is what I want to reach. Searching and creating for 30 years… non-stop!

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