13 iconic tracks from Space Ibiza’s last ever party

#8 Joe Smooth Inc. feat. Anthony Thomas – ‘Promised Land’

This 1988 gospel-house classic, one of the all-time great vocals and a surefire way to get a dancefloor celebrating, raised the roof of Space with two hours left to go, as Cox and Fanciulli sang along and embraced each other behind the decks. Anyone tuned into the stream might have felt the air at home getting a little dusty at this point.

#9 Donna Summer – ‘I Feel Love’

The ageless 1977 disco classic, produced by Giorgio Moroder and a massive influence on house and techno with its swirling synth lines, had everyone in the house feeling it as the end drew closer.

#10 Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden – ‘You Don’t Know Me’

As the minutes wound down to the closing of the club, owner Pepe Roselló joined Cox and Fanciulli behind the decks for a highly emotional farewell, and Cox unleashed this Space classic, a New York garage belter from 1999.

#11 Kings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight – ‘Finally’ (Dance Ritual Mix)

Cox seems to have selected this 2000 garage classic to play in the closing moments of Space because of its melancholy lyrics about time passing and things ending: “I hope I’m in a better state when here and now crumbles and falls.” “Where do we go from here?” – indeed.

#12 Ce Ce Peniston – ‘Finally’

This inspirational 1991 vocal, one of the records that define house music, was the penultimate tune at Space as the dancefloor devolved into one big cuddle puddle and singalong.

#13 Angie Stone – ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’ (Pound Boys Stoneface Bootleg Mix)

Let the history books show that this jazzy house anthem from 2002 was the last track ever played at Space. Perhaps suitably, it was a bit of a downer at that, with its wistful lyrics about heartbreak. After it was done playing, a hoarse Cox got on the mic and, clearly fighting back tears, said, “That’s it Space… bid you farewell. I don’t know what else to say.” Then a silver curtain descended over the stage and he, Fanciulli, Roselló and their companions were gone.

The packed house clapped and cheered and chanted for another track for several minutes – to no avail.

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