11 of the best bits from The Prodigy’s hilarious Reddit AMA

Rave veterans The Prodigy can always be counted on to tell it like it is, so it’s no surprise that fans submitted their questions by the hundreds when the group’s Liam Howlett announced he’d be stepping up for a Reddit AMA this week. The Reddit tell all was timed to promote the band’s new album The Day Is My Enemy – which dropped yesterday most places around the world – but that was far from the only topic to come up in conversation.

During his two hours in the AMA hot seat, Howlett fielded questions on the beef with Moby, hydroponic lamps and just how much his dislikes David Guetta, as well as the usual production chatter (and the scoop on both times The Prodigy almost split up). In true no-bullshit Essex style, the frontman’s answers are hilarious. Read our favourite responses below and head to Reddit for the full AMA.

#1 The reason The Prodigy and Moby don’t get on

#2 Liam’s totally objective favourite band

#3 When he shut down those Glastonbury rumours

#4 ..and any talk of a Nine Inch Nails collab

#5 The genre revival he doesn’t want to happen

#6 When he told us what he really thinks about David Guetta

#7 …and again

#8 The indispensable life advice

#9 His uncomfortable Jimmy Saville reference

#10 The sort of movie The Prodigy would score

#11 When he admitted he doesn’t know where his own white labels are