10 versions of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ that really shouldn’t exist

57,000 plays in eight hours: that’s what this ‘leaked’ version of Daft Punk’s forthcoming single Get Lucky has racked up overnight. If the Soundcloud upload is to be believed, some lucky soul managed to get their hands on what’s surely one of the most hyped releases of the year ahead of time. Call us naysayers, but we’re not convinced. Would Sony really have let this one slip out? Is that actually Pharrell singing in the ‘verses’, or just someone on GarageBand doing a passable impersonation? Sure, as fakes go, this one ain’t bad. But until Daft Punk officially deliver the single themselves, we’re calling bullshit.

Dubious though that “leak” may be, it’s certainly not the worst attempt we’ve heard at remixing, re-editing or entirely recreating the slither of the song we’ve been given into a full-length track. In the few days since the latest Get Lucky teaser was aired at Coachella, a legion of the internet’s most ambitious producers have been hard at work putting their spin on the single. The results? Get Lucky has been given the trap touch, recreated through a talk box, mashed-up with the Bee Gees and given the dubious addition of Giorgio Moroder’s ‘vocals’. Sound awful? It sure is! Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of Daft Punk hysteria we’ve collected the ten worst versions of Get Lucky out there. If Amazon have it right, we’ll be able to get out hands on the real thing tomorrow…in the meantime, there’s this.

The Giorgio Moroder guest appearance

Yes, legendary Italian songwriter Giorgio Moroder collaborated with Daft Punk on the album. No, he doesn’t moonlight as a singer. Why, then, this particular Soundcloud user has laid some phlegmy grumbling over the Get Lucky sample and labelled it “Giorgio Moroder’s vocals” is beyond us. This is terrifying.

The acoustic rework

That minute and a half not enough for you? Then dive into this four-minute acoustic recreation of Get Lucky, shot on a waist-high webcam and definitely not autotuned.

Get LUCKy Daft Punk Pharrell Williams Nile… by osmose086

The Michael Jackson vocal version

Erm, is this meant to look like that’s Michael Jackson on vocals instead of Pharrell? If Jacko hadn’t died years before this was recorded, we’d have been fooled.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky Featuring Michael Jackson by daftworld

The monkeys riding dogs version

Admittedly, this version doesn’t really mess with the song at all, it just adds a video of monkeys riding dogs. Mesmerising.

The 1 hour loop

Remember when all we had of Get Lucky was the 15 second snippet in those Saturday Night Live teasers? Well, someone out there found that inadequately short and went to work creating an hour long loop of the sample to really sink your teeth into.

The drop

Because no list of awful remixes would be complete without at least one entry that needlessly lays an aggressive, filthy drop over the top of a once-good track to render it both completely unrecognisable and unlistenable.

The talk box version

In what’s easily the most memorable entry to list, a husky dude in his bedroom recreates Get Lucky on a talkbox. Words could never do this justice.

The piano version

To be fair, this one isn’t actually bad… just unnecessary. Shoutouts to the dog, though.

Get Lucky – Daft Punk – Piano Cover by daftworld

The trap remix

Waka Flocka Flame, that you?

The BeeGees/Justice mashup

One way to beef up a 90-second sample into something long enough for radio play is to mash it up with a couple of the Bee Gees’ biggest hits and Justice’s D.A.N.C.E.

The real thing

UPDATE: We’ve just got our hands on a the legit, six-minute version of Get Lucky. Dive in!