10 things we learnt at floating festival It’s The Ship

Cruise ship festivals are creeping up the bucket lists of dance fans from Sydney to Miami and it’s not hard to see why: raving with people from all over the world in the middle of international waters is something everyone needs to experience at least once. 

One of the biggest players in the floating festival market is Singapore’s It’s The Ship, which just wrapped up their second edition. Side-by-side with punters from 60 different countries, at It’s The Ship 2015 you could catch sets from the likes of Kaskade, Showtek and Carnage, party for longer than you ever thought humanly possible and then chill out staring at breathtaking horizons. To recap this year’s epic event, here are 10 things we learnt from the wildly debaucherous, 24 hour rave that was It’s The Ship.

#1 There is no escaping the music

Everywhere you went, a bassline could be felt. As well as at the stages, you could rave in the lifts, the hallways and the casino. Even the gala dinner played bangers over the PA while you ate your clam chowder and Chinese pancakes.

#2 You’ll spend more time at the buffet than sleeping

Everyone quickly discovered that the buffet was free and open for 24 hours, for the entire length of the cruise. If you lost your friends, not matter what time it was, there was a 90% chance that you would find them in the buffet eating their sixth meal of the day before hitting up the afterparty.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.25.17 pm

#3 You can sleep anywhere

When you did decide it was time to turn down, that didn’t necessarily mean going to bed in your room. People slept in pool chairs, on sofas and one guy was even found asleep going up and down in an elevator.

#4 Disco naps are everything

Disco naps will save your life on a cruise ship festival. On these boat parties, being in bed by 5am is considered an “early night”. That is why the short pre-disco nap at around 7pm is the key to your night’s longevity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.24.05 pm

 #5 No wifi = friends

If you were ballin’ enough to afford to buy wifi, you soon found out that it didn’t work. This meant that rather than avoiding strangers by pretending to be on your phone, you actually had to talk to people and make friends IRL.

#6 The English go hard

You might think it would be the Australians, but in the end our English comrades out-drank everyone. There was one group of UK lads who had been through multiple bottles of Moët by 10am each morning…nobody knows if they ever actually stopped partying.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.24.52 pm


#7 You can turn up to Adele

The punters who remained at the Langkawi beach party, even after they drank the bar completely dry, were treated to Kaskade dropping a trap remix of Adele’s Hello. It was an unexpected highlight of the festival.

#8 News travels fast on a cruise ship

This goes for everything from where the after-parties were, to when there was free champagne and where to spot an extreme PDA in the middle of the dancefloor. And what happens on the boat doesn’t always stay there.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 2.22.58 pm

#9 Australians are big in Asia

Peking Duk and Tigerlily, who also instructed a packed pilates class, both pulled two of the biggest crowds of the festival. Despite not being the headliners, their energy had everyone in the palm of their hands from start to finish.

#10 Ferry Corsten can do big room

After Adventure Club missed their flight and had to cancel, Ferry Corsten stepped up to fill in their spot. Known as a trance act, he surprised everyone by delivering a killer big room house set that kept shipmates dancing.

Kristy Barker travelled on It’s The Ship at the expense of the promoter. Find out how you can get on board the 2016 festival over here.