The 10 best underground dance tracks of June

Given the sheer volume of new music that comes out every day, sifting through the filler to find gems for your record bag, USB stick or iTunes collection can be a real time drain.

Luckily inthemix’s resident music nerd ANDREW WOWK is happy to carry some of the burden, by picking out the underground cuts from the last month that you need to hear. Get acquainted below.

#1 Nathan Melja – Jerky Teardrop (Blue Mix) [Dream Real]

Lush analogue deep house that perfectly blends a bouncy acid bassline with reverbed vocals and heady chords.

#2 TMSV – Modification [Perfect Records]

A deep, dubwise soundsystem smasher that harks back to the early days of dubstep when it was all about low slung sub bass.

#3 Xhin – SHIFT LTD 001 [Midnight Shift]

The master of intricately designed techno returns with a four track EP full of other-worldly atmospherics, heavy grooves, and gritty beats.

#4 Scar – Make ‘Em Know [Metalheadz]

Survival and Script team up once again as Scar, this time giving a nod to the early days of hardcore junglism. Grimy bass growls, rugged Reese stabs and choppy drums make this a sure fire winner on the dancefloor.

#5 Dusky – Bowed [17 Steps]

Big room progressive house flavours propelled by a raucous arpeggiated bassline and littered with dark, tripped-out flutters of melody.

#6 Tim Wolff – Overt Agent [Wolfskuil Records]

Proving that simple can be extremely effective, this peak-time techno cut lets a catchy synth hook take the lead, underpinned by tough, mechanical drums.

#7 Second Storey – Telekinesis Via Fax [TRUST]

The proper electro revival continues! Twisted robotic sounds, chunky broken beats and quirky funk.

#8 Radio Slave – Revenge [Rekids]

Radio Slave takes it back to 1992 with blaring sirens, crunchy breakbeats and acid wobbles.

#9 Terrence Parker – GOD Loves Detroit (The Resurrection) [Planet E]

The legendary Detroit producer delivers a slice of jacking, uplifting house which is in his own words, “a declaration of love for the people of Detroit.”

#10 Mr C. – Master Of The Universe [Superfreq]

The legendary Mr C. delivers a slice of funky, rolling tech house that is edgy enough to work on current dancefloors but gives a strong nod to the genre’s more subtle roots.

Andrew Wowk is a Sydney-based writer and DJ. You can follow him on Twitter

Article image: Dan Medhurst