The 10 best underground dance tracks of February

Given the sheer volume of new music that comes out every day, sifting through the filler to find gems for your record bag, USB stick or iTunes collection can be a real time drain. Luckily inthemix’s resident music nerd ANDREW WOWK is happy to carry some of the burden, by picking out the underground cuts from the last month that you need to hear. Get acquainted below.

#1 X-Static – My Inspiration (Bjarki’s “Sweetest Thing” Version)

Icelandic prodigy Bjarki continues to evade being pigeon-holed with a cheeky update of a classic 90’s hardcore breakbeat anthem that adds some contemporary touches while remaining faithful to the original’s vibe.

#2 Metamethod – Autofac

Veteran of the scene Metamethod returns to Adelaide-based label Night Time Drama with more of the gritty, grainy, and murky techno that he does best. With heavy influences from dub and industrial, this one is for the serious heads.

#3 Moiré Feat. DRS – Lost You

Low-slung, wonky house with a distinct UK bass influence. DRS delivers his usual high quality rhymes which slink around wobbly synths, crisp beats and chunky sub bass.

#4 Synkro – Letting Go

Technically a re-release, Letting Go is featured on Memories (2008–2011), a newly compiled collection of Synkro’s music from his formative years. Despite its age however, it remains one of his finest works and a clear example of how consistent his sound has been right from the beginning.

#5 Mental Resonance – Binary Code

Leftfield broken beat techno for those who liked to get locked into a groove. Echoed metallic stabs, sinister pads and razor sharp beats form a deadly combination that’ll rattle any warehouse or bunker party.

#6 Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard – For You (DJ Koze Club Mix)

Few can tug at the heartstrings quite like DJ Koze. His remix of For You is a sombre, contemplative journey, utilising the original’s vocals to great effect over a growling bassline and chugging percussion.

#7 Guy J – Diagonal

The master of subtle-yet-dancefloor-ready progressive delivers yet another slice of rolling, hypnotic goodness. With an instantly likeable groove and swirling, heady atmospherics, Diagonal is made for dark rooms with low ceilings.

#8 Skeptical & Alix Perez – Taurus

Any time Skeptical and Alix Perez hop in the studio together it’s a cause for celebration. Taurus is considerably heavier than what we’ve heard from them in the past, channelling the vibes of late 90’s techstep, complete with dusty drums and gritty bass growls.

#9 Biome – Remembrance

Delightful future-garage/post-dubstep/whatever-you-want-to-call-it from one of the finest producers to come out of Manchester in recent years. Packed with lush chords, soulful vocals and steppy drums, it’s hard not to nod your head to this one.

#10 John Askew – Raven

Stonking acid trance from one of the most consistent artists in the game. It’s not going to reinvent the genre, but it’s chock full of attitude and has the balls that much of modern trance lacks.

Andrew Wowk is a Sydney-based writer and DJ. You can follow him on Twitter

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